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Agora ao vivo no stream: o australiano a testar os seus bots de runescape.
Simba is based, open source, free forever, and will never be detectable, like all the stupid injection/reflection bots.
When jagex adds strong anticheat to their steam client and forces everybody to use it, simba will still be working with color/screen grabbing from even OUTSIDE a vm.
Simbachads just cant stop winning, meanwhile the injectionturds are shitting themselves because jagex has threatened to ban all users and are cracking down on it -> https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/third-party-clients-update?oldschool=1 OH NO NO NO
oh GOD this proxy is british????
You were praising it just now, that's why
Just remove the shield from your character and hope that most people don't use it, lol
Yeah, was wondering about that, there is more stuff with the same color on the map.
it will be solid now. clusters will keep it within 5px of the stairs
estes riachos são muito fixes, vivemos mesmo no futuro cyberptchina
based and kangaroo pilled
unless your bot makes you a millionaire and it becomes a well paid full time job which is a possibility
I just morbed.
Did they put all the traders upstairs just to make life difficult for bots? lol
cluster it again but a bit different?
You can also do that for the top floors I guess, they don't have a climb up option
Coding speedrun?
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just something fun, no rush
He's making a bot to get cybergold 24/7 and make normal players seethe
The text tutorial needs a better song.
This is why I don't play online games, they are full of australian botters.
how many loc do you think this will grow into?
based bot has become sentient
Maybe they changed something and the walker isn't updated? Dunno.
Are there any already made bots of this you can just modify?
You fucked up Dundee
Is this coordinate change baked into the game?
You fucked yo again Dundee
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Why the x coordinate changes when he goes up, bros?
Did i woke up in another timeline?
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Fap break.
>this monkey doesn't know that X coordinates are straight up in a coordinate plane
Don't they even teach you that in Bananaland? I'm impressed you can turn on the computer and type.
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7 viewers, a new world record
The future of RuneScape AI is being created right here
filtered by the bank
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>o tovro australiano is still writing code hours later
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Ele fez direta?
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language: bash
ffmpeg -re -i file.mkv -c:v libx264 -preset veryfast -b:v 3000k -maxrate 3000k -bufsize 6000k -pix_fmt yuv420p -g 50 -c:a aac -b:a 160k -ac 2 -ar 44100 -f flv rtmp://siteandkey

This works nicely to stream a file with ffmpeg
fishsisters... the bank needs that shrimp...
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Está para aí a streamar desde a meia noite da hora dele, são quase 7 lá.
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Respondi ao gajo errado. Perdão.
basado streamador 24/7
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Estou com medo de me ir deitar, voltar amanhã e o bot já conduzir um Tesla até Marte sozinho.
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It worked, the RAW SHRIMP is gone
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Are we winning? It can fish -> sell -> fish already?
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Toms bo(a)t is back, let's gooo
you got lokied
you got shrimped
you got anchovied
you got simbaed
it's over
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Success. Fished and banked. Hope you all enjoyed.
A lot of time spent making a pretty shit bot, But i enjoyed it very much. When you see next, it will be cleaned and refined significantly.
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good night, or day ;^)
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Great job , gn
Ele estremou mesmo 8 horas seguidas a fazer códigos, que máquina
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Ele não sabe que era o bot que estava a fazer a stream
Um verdadeiro feijão humano.
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Live again, the stairs have been defeated, we're at ~400 lines of code, it's over for runescape.
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What is your main objective today, tovro australiano?
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To destroy Runescape and make normal players all quit the game.
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Absolutely based, it's over for human players
I have a long list of TODOs, here is a WIP
-Right click if we found a bitmap but there are "x other options", and click the fishing spot only
(not for objects because there could too often be "x other options". bitmaps are more certain and will always overlay

-Get first point in webwalk paths and turn the camera
 - use "Walkstep" instead, and add chance to turn camera on early and ending points, even if screnwalking
 - Investigate the events in webwalker to do this, possibly (put a low % chance)

-Add checking for resources i.e. feathers and quitting on none
 - In future, make it sell fish and bu ymore resources :))

-Add a mode to use the color detection and TPA mean to use colored boxes 
on fishing spots instead of BMPs. May be weaker in areas with multiple 
types of fish/spots e.g. catherby, but will be more accurate in general 
to hit the fishing spots, and most places have only one type. plus you 
can set runelite to only highlight specific fish you last fished.

-Make banking step be done with "states"/"stages" with ability to detect them, and store it as a variable per run. then it can start at any point

-Make the states/stages exit after each stage back to the main loop so antibans and other procedures like combat checks, etc can be run.

-Move to all srl.* funcs for randomness, etc

-Add bitmap for new locations
 - barb village trout/salmon
 - barbarian fishing (members)

-Add a color finder for the water texture (or lava, in future, make it per-location
 -Use this to check if its nearby the detected fish bitmap, to increase confidence

-Make all data for each location stored in a structure (record)
 - preferred camera angle for facing fish spots
 - fish bmps
  -custom offset, just in case we can detect an area that is not the center
 - item names
 - webwalker locations (bank, fish spot)
 - resources (i.e. feather/bait)

-Detect combat and run to bank

-Add "Strategies", so it will randomly select whether to do certain things with some randomness based on username as seed, skewed heavily to the "better" ones.
 - rotate (or not) camera towards clicking points
 - keyboard or mouse for rotating camera
 - SNAKE or NORMAL strategy for shiftdrop/deposit
 - bank all or right click each
 - left click use menu or right click climb
 - add (or dont add) certain antibans
 - mm2ms or scroll zoom to find certain objects

-Make the "reaction" as part of an antiban, and add it to the start of each procedure in the main loop. track it as a time, increasing with a fatigue based on the running time. So it will keep looping and not "reacting" to things it needs to do if it does not have the reaction time. and reduce it each time a procedure runs, with a truncated gauss.
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this website software is written 99% in nano
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Another 8 hours of coding bots? Let's go
>getting women dresses ads 
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[Esconder] (412.6KB, 625x1000) ImgOps
he just started this the other day and he's already a she
this is what "coding" does to men
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Yes you have to put smiley faces in the code for it to work
Well it was much faster and easier today to get it to werk.
i'd let him/her handle my phyton if you catch my drift
I don't get it. Why are you speaking English? Why not Poortuguese?
Now I got it. I've no read the OP.
Where did you get to know this aussie, angolano?
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He's the jschan software dev
I know shit about coding. I don't even know why I am watching this, but I hope everything goes fine to you, aussiebro
I don't pretend to be the dull guy here, but... what's the point? Are you guys going to play it afterwards? Or is it all about having fun while coding?
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He's going to release the bots and crash the servers and starve venezuelans

Respostas: >>307
lmao kk
1. Fun of coding it, its very satisfying to build little parts of it and see them work
2. Money, because eventually it will become very advanced and able to deploy for training accounts to high levels, farm gold and sell it for BTC.

Making a "private" script, or one that is not public is much less likely to get your accounts banned. Of course, I will never run this on accounts I legitimately play, because there is always SOME risk.
But people who download "free runescape bot" are just gonna get banned, and get nowhere. They are overused and jagex learns to detect them easily.
Stream seems to have crashed, you got LOKINETED
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ok, restarting it
should be back up. i need to assign more memory ti this VM, it seems like ffmpeg leaks while streaming and eventually crashes
Yes the music looks more "dangerous", buffering a bit now
How much money can you make selling runescape gold for bitcoin anyway?
Respostas: >>314
1million = 0.25-0.3 USD
Respostas: >>315
How many millions can be made in 24h?
Respostas: >>316
My goal accounts would make 300k/h, quite low for goldfarming tbh. I could pivot to something else if I want. But its also a relatively sace activity, i dont think they will get reported or banned often.
Respostas: >>317
So 1 bot can make about 2 dollars a day in bitcoin,  thats about 60 dollars a month, not bad if you leave them on 24/7
5 bots = 300 dollars per month in btc.
Pretty good.
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Ainda há ptchineses que vão todos os dias trabalhar...
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So is that why you don't work?
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[Esconder] (141.1KB, 1426x958) ImgOps
He doesn't work because he wants to avoid the fatigue.
he prolly does 
still tryes to sway the conangas proclaiming to be their KANG EN SHIEET
juz kepin it real
Can players interact with you? Like click your character to open something and stop it?
Respostas: >>324
That was some weird ass level up fishing sound.
no, i have accept aid disabled. its by default.
Done for the day/night. No more updates till the weekend. I wanna make more impressive changes.
Thanks for viewing all 👍
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