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update feito, algumas coisas já existiam aqui, podem agora mover fios entre tábuas se forem admins de ambas

• Improve the fallback behaviour of live posts to work on connect_error instead of only reconnect_failed, and also attempt to upgrade again to the socket.
• The post form in modview now shows the full email field even with "sage only email", same as how the name field shows in modview with "force anon"
• Globals or users who are staff on multiple boards can move posts between boards
• IP/ban type display and suffixes improved to make IPv4/6/Bypass/Pruned IP clearer for more informed moderation.
• Post editing is now available as a link in the post dropdown, and makes a GET for the page (like editcustompage/editnews)
• Labelled link format markdown now supports mailto.
• "Hide name" set by default when using public actions form.
• Bugfix saveoverboard script so it works on catalog instead of only index, and improve the code to be more general and allow /catalog.html in navbar link.
• Bugfix BYPASS_CAPTCHA permission not able to be applied to roles.
• Add a small note on global account/role permission editing about the implication of setting "board management" permissions globally.
• Globalmanage roles are now available in json format in the API.
• Improve some of the templates and refactor some repetitive bits into includes/mixins.
• Add and update some tests.
• Npm audit & dependencies updated.
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hotfix 0.11.1

• Bugfix non logged in users not able to use actions because of an issue in move post logic.
• Bugfix editing posts from the actions form (not the new dropdown "Edit" button) always redirecting to OP.
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Onde estão os animais?

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