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I was fired from seven jobs for being an atheist.

Everytime I get a job, I always make sucess. People like me, even love me I would say. This only lasts until they ask me what my religion is (question that I can't answer with lies).

When I say I'm an atheist, it's all over. Out of nowhere, a meaningless workplace harassment begins.

Something similar happens to me when I say I'm not married and I don't have kids.

People here in Brazil do not accept this. You can't be 35yo+ and not be married and not have kids here. You're only accepted under these conditions if you are a homosexual.

Brazilians hate those who haven't ruined their lives. "If I screwed up my life, you have to screw up yours too."
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have you tried stop being a beta virgin?
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>>82 (OP) 
Just say that you're christian.
>those who haven't ruined their lives
christians are fucking retard
Just larp as very spiritual christian then
>>82 (OP) 
It's only in poor backgrounds... Like 80% of this country...
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Estás a bumpar fios antigos porquê, macaquinho amestrado?
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Oops, why are you bumpimg old threads, amestrated macaquate?
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Nesti tablón fálase asturianu ho.
I don't trust you.
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