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    who is your favorite?

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    maria is dead
    we no longer use maria
    long live marta supremacy

     /#/ 4121

    1594465635201.png  (16,31 KB, 500x250) ImgOps

    Stop! Miscegenation time.

     /#/ 4122

    there is no competition for kuruminha
    mod pls I swear I'm not drunk

     /#/ 4128

    >wearing cuecas

     /#/ 4174

    she is pure

     /#/ 4175

    pure sex

    Sorte: Má sorte

     /#/ 4176

    If she were pure she wouldn't feel shame of her own body like those of western morals. She would understand her female parts are just as natural as her hands and neck. She hides them therefor she has dirty thoughts. Take those pants off her NOW!
    until then 138tan is best, whoever she is. Small but not too small, cut but also fleshy and blonde with blue eyes, and socks too

     /#/ 4182

    She is forced to hide her private parts, otherwise she could be arrested... she is not in the forest, after all

     /#/ 4186

    Get your sight off Kuruminha, creepy tuga.

     /#/ 4189

    It's 2020, society is more advanced than ever and understands that there is no shame in the female body. Her body her choice, so TAKE THEM OFF! NOW!

     /#/ 4203

    1595960574391.jpg  (376,94 KB, 748x750) ImgOps

    get off, you pervert, i'm warning you

     /#/ 4204

    >those lips

     /#/ 4207

    my wife

     /#/ 4208

    post more!

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