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     /#/ 4012

    Is learning portugese easy? Also can you post lusitanian ebin menes? With translation of course


    bump this thread if you recognized him :DDDD

     /#/ 4013

    No, not easy at all. And you'll probably learn pt-br anyways

     /#/ 4014

    > And you'll probably learn pt-br anyways
    Why so?

     /#/ 4015

    1594124902334.png  (185,96 KB, 343x444) ImgOps

    Most resources are in pt-br and I guess most of the people want to learn it because it has more speakers.

    don't learn it, you'll sound like a retarded monkey

    Here's a funny example of our language. It's not a cancro but it's good to show you some words.

    "What's up?" "Nothing."
    "???" "Nothing!"

    The joke is that the word "nothing" and "swim" are exactly the same.

     /#/ 4016

    I lul'd sad thing it's one of the languages that I want to learn before I kys. I want to learn normal portugese though, as I don't learn it for bundas and street football.

     /#/ 4017

    Based. I actually have a friend who has been learning turkish for a while and wants to move to istanbul

     /#/ 4018

    >move istanbul
    perfect place to see kurds and syrians kill each other :DD, other than that dont go there.

     /#/ 4019

     /#/ 4020

    funny thing people in there voluntarily look after him, assuming they do it for good deeds not dwarf sex.

    anyway I wish I had ans portugese friendo who knows maybe I would host him in my city in future.

     /#/ 4021

    1594125647105.png  (585,03 KB, 662x640) ImgOps

    Well I can talk to my mate and give him a shot, who knows

     /#/ 4022

    1594125671409.jpg  (644,51 KB, 1155x880) ImgOps

    If u learn russian and mixed with arab you'll be talking poortuguese.

     /#/ 4023

    what is this mene?

     /#/ 4024

    >Can someone post that video of that tuga tring to beat his wife and than geting manhandled by the police.
    Whait a sec fren, you will get it...

     /#/ 4025

    da fug is tuga?

     /#/ 4026

    >he doesn't know

     /#/ 4027

    I can only assume it's abbreviation of portuga(?)

     /#/ 4028

    Yeah it just means "portuguese" or "Portugal". But mostly "portuguese"

     /#/ 4029

    >No one posted
    And i still wonder why this website's motto is "ptchan dont cont on us for anything"
    Well there was a vid of this guy trying to murder his waifu in broad day ligth, all fags thougth he was turk, but he was indeed portuguese.
    Than sometimes we would host a -try to find whos who- thread whit turk and portuguese players.
    >protip: we couldnt'

     /#/ 4030

    Why did they assume he is a Türk? I don't think many of us live there or go there for tourism.

     /#/ 4031

    pt-br and pt-pt are the same as brittish and american english. No substantial difference.

     /#/ 4032

    Shut up, there's a huge difference.

     /#/ 4033

    1594128749947.mp4  (10,37 MB, 1280x720) ImgOps

    No, we have a lot of guys seling kebabs on the capital.
    Plus he was screaming giberish bc he was drunk or mad, no one could understand him, and he was hairy af. (if im not mistaken i think he even had a big knife)
    And it was on /int/ they assumed it was on turkey

    >vid related

    Our national turkish buletprof hero Mustafa

     /#/ 4034


     /#/ 4035

    and so brittish and american english

     /#/ 4036

    Español ≈ Portugués

    You can read most of portuguese if you know spanish. There are some differences, of course.

     /#/ 4037

    cope moar, Manoel

     /#/ 4038

    1594143708386.png  (179,05 KB, 999x758) ImgOps

    I have a particular portugese sympathy.

     /#/ 4039

    can you communicate with native portugese people on this board though? pls irenepill me on this subject.

     /#/ 4040

    1594143950777.jpeg  (9,73 KB, 270x186) ImgOps

    Hello, turkish friend. It's very based of you to want to learn portuguese, it's a beautiful language that will open up a wonderful world of strange and retarded things for you to enjoy. You won't regret it.
    But let me ask you: why exactly do you want to learn it? Talk to people? Watch movies? Read literature?

     /#/ 4041

    Talk people and have interest in portugese world.

    Like I want to be able to discover portugese music, movies, obsecure internet sites (not talking about pedo garbage) and finally communicate with people face to face.

    Sorry if that sounds delusional. Also I had a portugese childhood friend but lost contact.

     /#/ 4043

    1594144707740.mp4  (216,09 KB, 400x400) ImgOps

    :DDD give me more

     /#/ 4044

    >Like I want to be able to discover portugese obsecure internet sites
    You already did

     /#/ 4045


     /#/ 4046

    No I dont want talk with 89 iq zoomers

     /#/ 4047

    Dunno, lets try

    ¿Juegan algún juego en el chan? ¿Existe un discord, o algun server?

     /#/ 4048

    Jogamos skribble durantes uns dias mas morreu. Agora não se joga nada. Não existem servers

     /#/ 4049

    Algum de vocês joga RPGs clássicos?

     /#/ 4050

    >Alguém jogue

     /#/ 4051

    >¿Juegan algún juego en el chan? ¿Existe un discord, o algun server?
    Obrigado, mas já tenho namorado.

     /#/ 4052

    Sinto muito Rodrigo.

     /#/ 4053

    1594147023419.png  (70,93 KB, 500x200) ImgOps

    btw The funniest spanish word is gilepollas

    Guys this is Maruta aka Marta shes /ourgirl/.
    She protitutes herself overseas to pay her student fees. Also she coocks nice bacalhau.

     /#/ 4054

    Como assim núbio? Eu jogo por exemplo pillars of eternity, divinity original sin ou até dragon dogma. Antes jogava merdas como final fantasy e outros jrpgs mas já me deixei dessas chinesices

     /#/ 4055

    1594148316677.jpg  (17,16 KB, 480x360) ImgOps

    It's not delusional at all, it's very cool to be interested in and to want to learn about other cultures.
    I'll give you this tip, watch sketches by these guys, they're a humour group called "Gato Fedorento", there's some of them on youtube with English subs. Here's a good one:


    They were massive at the time, and the sense of humour of many young portuguese people rests largely on their work, with most guys born between 88-98 being able to cite several sketches from memory.
    Their humour isn't so much about situations, but more about language, taking funny words or common expressions to their limit. Watching their sketches will really give you a feel of how spoken portuguese works and even a quite deep understanding of everyday portuguese culture, with the upside that you get to watch some really funny stuff along the way.
    Wish you luck, OP.

     /#/ 4056

    Hey Chile, post your mascot I know you had a cute redhair boñeca. I lurked /chil/ dont lie to me.

     /#/ 4058

    Im not in that faction. Their chan died (Nido, choroy), now they are in a cancrotic exodus.

    A shitposting exodus.

     /#/ 4059

    Like fallout 1-2, Age of Decadence (it's new but classically styled) Baldurs gate etc. I generally dislike jRPGs they are too childish and weird.

    Btw this board is cozy I'll post this den more.

    Thank you for helping. Also n*tflix has double subtitles, one can use it to learn a language, for example if I watch a portugese show I can both have portugese subtitle and a Turkish or an English one, it also matches words, even better. I hate n*tflix and dont use it but my friend has it, thought itd be helping.

     /#/ 4060

    Here are some servers from another chan:
    Xonotic (like Quake/UT99)

    Minecraft 1.15.1 server

    They are in Chile, dont expect good ping if you live in Europe.

     /#/ 4061

    >discover portuguese music
    Well then, I think you might enjoy Pregão by Madredeus it has moorish/arabic influences.

     /#/ 4065

    1594173297325.jpg  (508,48 KB, 620x877) ImgOps

    >Also can you post lusitanian ebin menes?
    Here's the story behind the m_e_m_e:
    This is the best part of the article for me, the reply to the Ottoman surrender demand.
    "I have seen the words in your letter, and that of the captain which you have imprisoned through lie and betrayal of your word, signed under your name; which you have done because you are no man, for you have no balls, you are like a lying woman and a fool. How do you intend to pact with me, if you committed betrayal and falsity right before my eyes?... Be assured that here are Portuguese accustomed to killing many moors, and they have as captain António da Silveira, who has a pair of balls stronger than the cannonballs of your basilisks, that there's no reason to fear someone who has no balls, no honor and lies..."

     /#/ 4066

    sentes-te bem?

     /#/ 4067

    1594173589519.png  (195,69 KB, 524x475) ImgOps

    Epá, tive um momento autista a tentar por a formatação como deve ser.
    Mas agora já me sinto bem, obrigado danone.

     /#/ 4089

    not even mad, that's being worthy enemy, unlike so many others...

     /#/ 4090

    Is that State of the Nation or a new story by the same guy?

     /#/ 4091

    Now imagine the power lvl of Morroco when they single handly defited our whole army.

     /#/ 4097

    There was ottoman aid in this one.

     /#/ 4101

    The only bad thing about this was that we didnt' became part of the freanch kingdom after this.

     /#/ 4102


     /#/ 4103

    I have no fucking clue.
    I just found it a good while ago.

     /#/ 4104

    Turns out the portuguese king had no heir. So Felipe here >>4103 took our land and proceded to make us figth against our bestest ally.
    Guess what?
    The anglos did to them what they did to the ottomans, kek.
    Besides if the France joined the crowns it would have bean a super empire, no Napoleon, no Industrial revoltion, no World Wars.
    Only spice and holy wars, foreva!

     /#/ 4105

    1594251299326.webm  (643,02 KB, 1280x720) ImgOps

    Here's another one.
    And here's the original source:

     /#/ 4106

    Another thing. If you do watch the full video on youtube I highly recommend turning on the English subtitles.

     /#/ 4107

    well I was confused I know some spanish king wanted to give spain to king of france upon kys'ing himself as long as they dont unify the crowns but I was puzzled seeing portugese ball saying that.

     /#/ 4108

    That's just some retarded kid speaking, the union with Spain was catastrophic, i can only imagine what it would be with France.
    France basically abandoned it's colonies in the Americas, Quebec was wrecked and annexed by the English while continental France did nothing and they literally sold for a handful of coins almost all of the south western U.S.

    Also during the Napoleonic era they briefly invaded Portugal, and the only thing they did was looting, there an entire room in the Louvre museum filled with all the shit they stole (on an official level, I'm sure the common soldier stole even more).

     /#/ 4109

    >Also during the Napoleonic era they briefly invaded Portugal, and the only thing they did was looting, there an entire room in the Louvre museum filled with all the shit they stole (on an official level, I'm sure the common soldier stole even more).
    xD imagine how much of these happen to us, worse even our ww1 allies germans did that thing to us.

    Anyway I was really confused I know the iberian union was more of like portugal getting anneed, royalty had to flee to brasil to save colonies and their asses.

    Can you irenepill me why portugal and spain lost their superpower status? You were basically shitting silver and eating gold.

     /#/ 4110

    >portugal and spain lost their superpower status
    As I was saying before this >>4108 rude and rather ingorant anon tried to apear smart.
    Spain made a super duper humongos armada and tried to destroy the eternal anglo, but they uterly failed. Afterwards the dutch decided to create private funded companies and dominated the seas and repeled Sp*in from they homeland.
    The arrogant spaniards spent all their moneys trying to conquer europe.
    Meanwile the brits did the same as the dutch and created private companies that were ruthless, thats how they got half of India and China. But the portuguese were in it with our partners in crime, once the 3º Felipe came we said f*ck it and restaured our independace. The guy who funded HongKong was basicaly helped by a portuguese guy that had a lot of brigs and helped his anglo m8 smule opium and up river and made a fortune.
    What killed us was the 1755 earth quake. We had the bigest opera house laced with gold, churches all filed with gold, rich pepoles, etc. The wave came and it all sunk into the ocean.

     /#/ 4111

    >What killed us was the 1755 earth quake
    For helping the eternal anglo, the nature was too kind

     /#/ 4114

    The arrogant spaniards spent all their moneys trying to conquer europe.
    isnt this hapsbergers in general?

     /#/ 4115

    They were allready bloodthirsty bastards before de bergs ruled them. After we help them expel the moors, they turned on us and tried to invade. We totally made them regret being such knevil whimps by literaly making spaniard bread buns, cortesy of our most famouse lady baker the Padeira de Aljubarrota.
    Stupid Spen, they persecuted the jews, burned heretics, kiled indians by the milions, promoted the cristian schism.
    Their wamyn are hores, their man sound more femine than 4yo portuguese girls, all of them have gypsi blood, they are so full of hate that they start too kill each other once there was no one else to murder.
    Spain is simply the root of all evil.
    We worship the QVEEN Mary, they have a cult of Cybele to whom the ofer ritual sacrifices.

     /#/ 4138

    Congrats on the new mosk mashala

     /#/ 4142

    I'm actually anti religion but I respect your intention to protect your lifestyle or tradition whatever you call it.

     /#/ 4143

    How come you are anti, care to elucidate us?

     /#/ 4144

    I don't believe in unfalsifiable things and I believe they're hindrance to humans. Religions existed because our primal understandings tried to reasonate thing happenning around them. But after we understand them better I see no reason why they should be taken seriously.

     /#/ 4145

    1594770541034-0.jpg  (37,33 KB, 600x450) ImgOps

    1594770541034-1.jpg  (120,63 KB, 512x512) ImgOps

    1594770541034-2.jpg  (48,58 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps

    Fair enougth.
    Just dont' get hindered (i know you wont) because ptchan as a tendency to discuss it like its 2020 - 10.
    In some sence its like football, we have our favorites but also can enjoy a nice lel whenever we are on the recinving end.
    But you should take it seriously, there are conections that go beyond reson and can only be explained by dogma and myth.
    >Irene its the living image of the godess Dan, from wich we derive our anonimous name Danone.
    >BOGA GOA he is our cunt leader to reminde us that the weel of Samsara allways turns around
    >Nuno Markl our mascot to remind us that "from Spain neither good wind nor good marriage" an old saying from the time they tried to invade our realm, yes, he got cucked.

     /#/ 4146

    I asked for myth you gave me erotica of karaboğa and irene :DD

    > our anonimous name


    >But you should take it seriously, there are conections that go beyond reson and can only be explained by dogma and myth.

    like what though? Sometimes we cant explain things by reason mainly because technological inability. You couldnt explain virus mutations in 1000BC for example. There are things that science cant explain but sciences power comes from ability to question and readapt itself as it has no dogma. If you falsify, you need to revise how nice.

     /#/ 4147

    Its ptchan's signature anons name.

    >you need to revise

    Tell it to the quarentine "experts".
    Scientism rather than science as become our new religion, yet more powerfull and scary.
    Its like Cronos and Zeus. The later endes up becoming the tyrant.
    And even thou their methods were not as advanced as ours they allready had asclepious school of thougth in 1000BC, didnt' they?

     /#/ 4149

    by scientism you mean zoomers who delved into pop science and think science can never be wrong? being wrong is the very essence of science. even einsteins theories will be eventually falsified, worshipping theories and pop science idols are extremely dumb. I didn't leave my religion believe in even dumber dogma.

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