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    Oktoberfest in Munich

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    >festival that has always promoted prostitution
    >focuses on pictures with negroes as to imply something racist while completely ignoring the intrinsic shamelessness of german "culture"

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    >festival that has always promoted prostitution

    I didn't know that.

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    Their trademark is literally alcohol and women dressed like small town whores. What do you think the festival is about? Praying to God? Honoring their ancestors? Think about it: would there be immigrants around if it were anything other than an event celebrating human decay?

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    In Santa Catarina Oktoberfest was a traditionalist from the beginning. I thought it was the same in Germany.

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    quem sao esses portugueses

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    >a traditionalist festival


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    1570366231047.png  (684,36 KB, 798x399) ImgOps

    >oktoberfest in brazil

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    Is that the Santa Catarina one >>3364? Dude on the right looks like a faggot with the plug shit on his ear but at least they are making an effort to look like proper people. Still, too much alcohol. Terrible culture. How do the women dress and behave there?

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    1570399557868.png  (143,86 KB, 365x250) ImgOps

    >funk carioca in oktoberfest 2019

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    O tradicionalismo da Oktoberfest de Blumenau está em ruínas.

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