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    despite all the memes, if poortugueses was relatively successful as conquistadors, how it comes there's no ex colonies majority (genetically) white left by them?
    pls no bully, i'm a portugalboo after all

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    Who told you we wanted to have white colonies?
    Portuguese were born to impregnate brown and black people.

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    Portugal didn't have enough population to send over, we were spread out too thin already all over the world. Instead we just sent African slaves and breed with the natives. Not a big brain move.

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    The same happened with every European power, with the exceptions of north America, Australia and new Zealand, because they were scarcely populated to begin with.

    In Mexico 80% of natives died with European diseases but their population base was so large that they recovered in a few decades this time with the admixture of the Spanish conquistador's.
    On the other hand England had 0 impact on the Indian population genetics, why because they were immune to European disease and had a huge population.

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    > sending poortugay text to a dirty anglo speaker

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    >claims to be a portugalbooo
    >doesn't even undestand portuguese

    English version: https://archive.org/details/bub_gb_WYFFbVYEzvkC/page/n85

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    Church > Color

     /#/ 3396

    >80% of society is slaves
    >end slavery
    >release them
    Same thing happened in muttmerica except the percentage was 56%.

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    Portugal focused in trade because the owners of business (bourgeoisie and nobles) were more interested in building a castle back in Portugal than doing a international business. Portugal is a small country with small mind people, but is also the only good way of living without depression at every corner.

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    1579882191270.png  (62,44 KB, 152x233) ImgOps

    I trust you'll move to Africa then since that's where christianity grows the most. There's also all those BASED CHRISTIAN NIGGERS moving to Europe under the guise of being refugees.

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    There is a very large white population in Brazil. They make up around 50% of the population. The common genetical denominator between all ethnic mixes in Brazil is the Portuguese denominator as the italians and germans that migrated heavily to the South in the late 1800s mingled between them and with the portuguese but not with blacks or indians, unlike the portuguese. Many white people were forced to migrate to Portugal from Portuguese Africa as Retornados in the 1970s after the 25 of April coup. Most of them had migrated to Angola in the second half of the 20th century.
    Portugal embraced local peoples wherever and whenever possible,
    Cabo Verde for example is the only majority creole nation in Africa. Many high caste indians were wedded with portuguese noblemen since pretty early in the 1500s in Goa and Portuguese India. I could go on about all the portuguese communities but the point is they mingled a lot and absorbed traits from the locals.

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    1582850158369.jpg  (53,39 KB, 1600x900) ImgOps

    >There is a very large white population in Brazil
    Brazilian here, I have never seen a white person in my entire life, they only show up on TV.

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    Actually, this anon is right. White population probably is under 40% of Brazil, and you'll not find it in places like Bahia or Pernambuco, you need to go to the south or the middle west, regions colonized by germans, portuguese, italians and their descendants.

     /#/ 3554

    Light skin Pardos aren't white

     /#/ 3555

    Portuguese refer to anyone above France as "steaks".

    Why? Cause those are the people that get red instead of brown when exposed to the sun.

    Now guess what happens to Portuguese when they move to the equator?

    We are like Russian Hamsters in the eternal African summer, anglo.

    Winter is not coming.

     /#/ 3584

    Pretty much got high off of slavery and there was no incentive in sending our people over there. Portuguese generally colonized for the money, that's basically it.

     /#/ 4125

    why would you go to another country and kill all the brown, yellow and black cuties, we just fuck them and cuck the local men. Its in our mourish genes after all.

     /#/ 4151

    we are catholic, you are not
    portugal saved souls on all continents, but your demonic language offered nothing but the devil and usury

     /#/ 4213

    dont hate them. Anglos have the protestant zionist virus. They need saving and we need saving from them.

     /#/ 4255

    majority of brazilians are descended from the portuguese though, and many are fully or almost full portuguese, myself included

     /#/ 4256

    you probably never left your neighborhood

     /#/ 4258

    >I-I-I'm just like the portuguese, guys!

     /#/ 4261

    I may have exaggerated a little, but still I'll barely find a cracka here in my city.

     /#/ 4262

    >I'm a moor
    Ok, still not white though

     /#/ 4266

    yes, whether you like it or not
    I don't see myself as portuguese tho, no one does here I think

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    1598121427218.png  (Spoiler, 6,96 KB, 350x350) ImgOps

    >it is all about taste and feelings bro
    >can I be portuguese like you?

     /#/ 4268

    Stop bullying my pardo bro, Manoel

     /#/ 4280

    1598129859352.png  (Spoiler, 15,33 KB, 350x350) ImgOps

    I will as soon as he stops saying silly things on the internet, Cleyton Sousa da Silva

     /#/ 4281

    your brainlet mind can't understand that there's a difference between being phenotipically portuguese and actually being culturally portuguese or seeing yourself as such

     /#/ 4282

    1598225318518.png  (Spoiler, 23,85 KB, 350x350) ImgOps

    >I really feel portuguese therefor I look like one and phenotipes too
    I thought monkeys understood mirrors.

     /#/ 4283

    either you're trolling or you're actually illiterate

     /#/ 4308

    1598645638437.png  (Spoiler, 24,18 KB, 350x350) ImgOps

    You're the one with the very academic research on your side. Some times I feel girl too the bearded guy on the mirror is just a tróle.

     /#/ 4315

    I thought pootugal being illiterate was a meme
    funniest thing is I have african and native blood and I'm more euro looking than every portuguese I know

     /#/ 4318

    1598681213571.png  (Spoiler, 24,89 KB, 350x350) ImgOps

    >not only am I portuguese, I am also an african white man of asian descent and look nothing like the portuguese
    >hey, have I told you how portuguese looking I am?

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