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    1561524389462.jpg  (97,27 KB, 599x600) ImgOps

     /#/ 227850 🔥

    >qts like this will literally go extinct if poortugueses don't have sex

     /#/ 2279

    How can I activate the sex?

     /#/ 2280

    1561525049406.jpg  (37,31 KB, 490x301) ImgOps

    >don't be an autistic
    >go outside
    and finally have sex with portuguese woman

     /#/ 2281

    1561525490026.jpg  (58,72 KB, 640x640) ImgOps

    as >>2280 said, just don't go full sperg and you will succeed breeding and bringing more Inês into this world

     /#/ 2282

    I've seen her posted here before, most of us don't even know who she is, guess she is more famous outside poortugal.

     /#/ 2283

    1561526178562.jpg  (52,41 KB, 640x640) ImgOps

    she is a being of light and we must ensure the existence of her kind
    smart, writer, make math interesting to watch, 10/10, conservative, we need portuguese woman for good

     /#/ 2284

    I'll try my best mr burger.

     /#/ 2299

    the poortuguese going extinct is a good thing literally a race of mutts.

     /#/ 2300


     /#/ 2301

    Not ironically, I hope they fill this rectangle faster with subsaharan.

     /#/ 2319

    1561605731153.png  (346,07 KB, 474x631) ImgOps

    Portuguese women get old too fast.

     /#/ 2324

    She looks 22, 23.


     /#/ 2329

    ayyy lmao

     /#/ 3124

     /#/ 3125

    While there are certainly much worse examples of meme e-girls, I can't say that I care in the slightest that she's going away. I just wonder what the next Brazilian fad will be.

     /#/ 3126

    You're wrong.

     /#/ 3131

    >This is a SFW English language board.
    >English language

     /#/ 3132

    You underestimate what incels can do, even though this isn't Japan or USA tier.

     /#/ 3135

    She's cute for a moor, but also kind of annoying. The whole youtuber acting is very disappointing. Also, she needs to eat a burger.
    >that accent
    I can see now why so many Brazilians like her: neither can speak Portuguese.

     /#/ 3181

    Portuguese are ugly as fuck. Having sex would open the gates to hell

     /#/ 3227

    Ok I will do it

     /#/ 3228

    1566583585980.webm  (935,08 KB, 1280x720) ImgOps

    /med/ sent me here

     /#/ 3229

    hello based pasta man

     /#/ 3230

    based and Irenepilled

     /#/ 3234

    What the hell is going on with your government mate, I need a quick rundown

     /#/ 3235

    Fuck off English wannabe porky boy. Go suck Spains dick or smth

     /#/ 3236

    > implying anyone wants to be a smelly Angl*
    Go away Mohammed, we're not gonna go there no matter how tsundere you act

     /#/ 3336

    Actually, seeing her videos she looks a little naughty, but probably would be a good wife.

     /#/ 3452

    portugal means CALoric PORT.
    It's nice and warm, mostly.

     /#/ 3454


     /#/ 3457

    1579398378461.jpg  (307,78 KB, 1440x900) ImgOps

    We also need more of Irene, Please,

     /#/ 3459

    1579399867602.jpg  (1,82 MB, 1920x2662) ImgOps

    never say that name again

     /#/ 3460

    but Irene has such a nice tummy

     /#/ 3461

    1579400256749.jpg  (21,03 KB, 900x599) ImgOps

    >mfw waiting to catch her near Nabância to performe a portuguese Sancta Irene

     /#/ 3462

    have sex

     /#/ 3463


     /#/ 3464

    dilate, tranny

     /#/ 3470


     /#/ 3471

    Looks like a typical mestiza you'd find around here, there's no shortage of those.

     /#/ 3485

    1580183935608.webm  (4,71 MB, 1920x1080) ImgOps

    She's mine, please get out.

     /#/ 3489


     /#/ 3502

    I did not expect my bait thread to last this longer, some people really like portuguese women, eh?

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     /#/ 3503

    1581175232623.gif  (1,35 MB, 500x213) ImgOps

     /#/ 3504

    This is a bait thread? It sounded like real concern. I whish I had an Inês in my life.

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     /#/ 3505

    Yeah, I was just watching some of her videos at the time, that accent is what attracted me the most
    And then started spamming worship threads about her and other portuguese women, but most of you tugas didn't even know she exists. I first saw her on 55chan (RIP) in 2018

     /#/ 3506

    You did well. I didn't know her before seeing these threads either. Now I feel like I've found meaning in my life, I have something to strive for, there's something for me to achieve. After betraying 2D 2 years ago I fell in absolute darkness. When we turn our backs to a 2D waifu, the waifu turns her back to us too, just like God does. But 3D is still there for us. Sure, it is not the same thing, but it is something. I now know there's an Inês somewhere, out there, waiting for me. One day I will meet my own Inês and I'll put her inside a potato bag. As a matter of fact, I should leave this place now and go out in the real world to search for her.

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     /#/ 3575

    That's absolutelly beautiful.

     /#/ 3576

    >Portuguese humor

     /#/ 3634


    Where? link me my med brother

     /#/ 3743

    I've now started watching all of her videos. Her mannerism gets less annoying and she becomes cuter in every video. She is perfect and pure in a flawed world of depravity. Where can I find an Inês in real life?

     /#/ 3744

    North Portugal I suppose.

     /#/ 3745

    I think i fell in love with her instagram

     /#/ 3746

    I actually and truly did so. I never imagined that girls like Inês were even possible.

    But where in the north? At the churches? At the pubs? At where? I'm afraid this kind of women is not too keen on leaving her home, which is both a quality and a curse for those seeking one. The chances to meet one specific Inês are almost zero after she finishes school, and even then we must know how to recognize her.

     /#/ 3747

    >But where in the north?
    It's the kind of girl you only have the chance to meet while she's young and at school. Otherwise she grows up and doesn't go to clubs or that kind of shit.
    t. am from the north

     /#/ 3748

    >be fooled by the good girl LARP
    She definitely gives airs of sexual deviancy.
    Yall should be ashamed

     /#/ 3750

    Does that mean that a woman like her can end up alone and untouched for life? What a waste.

    She does not! She makes a lewd joke once in a while like every pure and nervous good girl does because she thinks that's how normal girls talk.

     /#/ 3751

    >Does that mean that a woman like her can end up alone and untouched for life?
    Nah, we both know that she may be getting pounded by chad right now, sooner or later.

     /#/ 3753

    sooner rather than later

     /#/ 3789

     /#/ 3792

    1587052829572.png  (560,15 KB, 477x594) ImgOps

    I can't handle it

     /#/ 3793

    where did you get that pic?

     /#/ 3794

    1587070727523.jpg  (207,03 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps

     /#/ 3795


     /#/ 3801

    I've just watched her first episode on RTP. What have they done to her, so much makeup, she doesn't look happy and naturally joyful and the room is dark depressive and filled with random junk for the sake of being random. The only thing left is her terrible sence of humour. She's another case of someone who loved their hobby and then began seeing it as a burden when they started getting payed to do it. She should have stayed in her bedroom being herself in front of a shitty camera. I hope she hasn't gone through those things they do to little kids in Hollywood.

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     /#/ 3904

    Damn, looks like she have is 30 years old.

     /#/ 3979

    1593698575484.jpg  (169,17 KB, 900x450) ImgOps


    I can't stand this girl. Her very existence makes me be sad for begin 100% conscious about never date or marry such cute girl. I'm already 33 yo, life pretty much over since I'm single, poor, don't have a college degree and even I complete the almost impossible task of get a diploma I will be forever among disgusting stupid and savage macacos.
    Everyday I wake up and see that I live in Brazil the idea of kill myself seems better and better.

     /#/ 3980

    1593702973316.mp3  (55,83 KB)

    Portuguese women prey after brazilian dick on /br/.

     /#/ 3981

    would still impregnate uwu

     /#/ 3982

    Don't think like that, anon! You can always improve yourself in many ways... And you can find love in friends, animals, charity, religion...

    You are still young, you can graduate, make money and marry someone younger, never give up

     /#/ 3983

    De qual fio?

     /#/ 3984

    I think I'm way too old to taste such happiness.

    >love in friends
    I only have two guys that I could call friends, and both are moving forward in liff: one is almost married and the other one will be a motherfucking mechatronics engineer in 2 years.

    >love in animals

    I can't have pets because I don't make money enough to it. My house is also too small for this.

    >love in charity

    I tried it once and just felt bad. I don't want do it again.

    >love in religion

    Do you think a 33 yo suicidal man is able to believe in "God"? I was raised in some retarded super strict protestant denomination and go to that shit only made me a full blow atheist.

    I just feel this unfathomable hopelessness crushing me day be day. I just want sleep forever.

     /#/ 3985

    >I was raised in some retarded super strict protestant denomination
    Literally me, even though I left that and didn't turn into atheism, it's easy too see why some people do. Assembléia de Deus, need to be ended fuck that, I'd rather be raised a macumbeiro or whatever except a catholic because it may be the same.
    Um barbante do /br/ para testar a nova funcionalidade de gravação de áudio, acho que já morreu tem um tempo.

     /#/ 3986

    We say Allah around these parts.

     /#/ 3991

    I know you are kidding, but I'm autistic, so I take it really seriously.
    Portugal still (I hope) a nice Catholic nation. I tried be a learn about the Catholicism feel months ago, just started study the Cathechism, but I'm way too hateful and violent toward women, muslims, jews and niggers to accept Christ and his peaceful(cuckful) way of life.
    I crave violence toward the people I hate.

     /#/ 3996

    >I'm way too hateful and violent toward women, muslims, jews and niggers
    You would make a good moslem. Come to Al Andalus and join us, brother.

     /#/ 4117

    1594441386834.jpg  (34,24 KB, 640x426) ImgOps

    >I'm way too hateful and violent toward women, muslims, jews and niggers to accept Christ and his peaceful(cuckful) way of life.

     /#/ 4154

    I love her

     /#/ 4156

    Where is my Inês? Where is she? What is she doing? Come back Inês

     /#/ 4157

    1595010521599.gif  (5,53 MB, 480x270) ImgOps

    She's now making videos on onlyfans™.

     /#/ 4158

    lmao, are all women on onlyfans, these days?

     /#/ 4159

    Is this for real? kek

     /#/ 4160

    All women are the same

     /#/ 4161

    Why would you lie on the internet?

    You dumb nigglets, that's from one of her youtube videos. I may not know what she is doing right now, but I do know she's still pure and innocent.

     /#/ 4162

    OK Inês post flat chest or BGTFO

     /#/ 4163

    You expect me to believe that you would talk to her with that dirty mouth of yours? You better show some respect for the ladies, kid.

     /#/ 4170

    Yes, that is from one of her videos on onlyfans™

     /#/ 4187

    I can clearly understand her, unlike the rest of the portuguese people. Why is that? Is she mimicking brazilian accent for greater audience?

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     /#/ 4188

    >Is she mimicking brazilian accent
    No, she just can't speak portuguese either.

     /#/ 4193

    She looks like she fucks black guys

     /#/ 4194

    >be white
    >see girl
    >immediately think about black men

     /#/ 4195

    The quintessential white man
    And he is based

     /#/ 4196

    She's not a Dutch woman, sorry

     /#/ 4300

    I hate women.

     /#/ 4335

    1598865487557.jpg  (165,13 KB, 1080x1350) ImgOps

     /#/ 4341

    Something went wrong with her on TV?

     /#/ 4347

    Thought she was announcing the only fans account, damn

     /#/ 4349

    Finally my life has new meaning
    terrible t-shirt tho tbh fam

     /#/ 4351

    >>don't be an autistic
    godfuckingdamn it

     /#/ 4354

    >I was feeling pressure to behave in certain ways
    Fucking dumb brazilian monkeys were forcing her to act like a brazilian woman and took her away from me for a whole year how dare you you perverts corrupting one of the very last few pure women left in these whorehouse of a planet

     /#/ 4362

    >Fucking dumb brazilian monkeys were forcing her to act like a brazilian woman
    WE gave her fame, your dumb bacalhau cunt
    also she would be better here in Brazil, 1st world can't buy you happiness after all coz she is surrounded by the shittiest people on earth

     /#/ 4363

    1599071246305.gif  (1,05 MB, 520x293) ImgOps

    One can only hope

     /#/ 4364

    Who tf is that?

     /#/ 4365

    >"shes pure"

     /#/ 4366

    1599073003466.gif  (955,88 KB, 520x293) ImgOps

    Who do you think she is?

     /#/ 4368

    wish that were me tbh

     /#/ 4370

    Imagine if she were actually hot.


     /#/ 4418

    why has she been making the videos on a double bed? Why would she need a double bed? Guys?

     /#/ 4419

    1600382297623.png  (13,76 KB, 350x350) ImgOps


     /#/ 4423

    i've thought about that possibility but then I noticed she has no rings on any finger.

     /#/ 4424

    She doesn't need a ring when she is having a different one each night.

     /#/ 4425

    you need help

     /#/ 4426

    and she needs Jesus

     /#/ 4433

    she pure already

     /#/ 4438

    1600988273247.jpg  (286,88 KB, 1080x1350) ImgOps

    Tired, worn out. What has happened to our Inês. Has she turned 30 so soon? How short the life of a flower and how cruel the unbreakable wall. RIP Inês, I hope you found a good man in your youth to hold you until the end. I wish it had been me.
    This thread may now find rest as well.

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