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    1561524389462.jpg  (97,27 KB, 599x600) ImgOps

     /#/ 2278

    >qts like this will literally go extinct if poortugueses don't have sex

     /#/ 2279

    How can I activate the sex?

     /#/ 2280

    1561525049406.jpg  (37,31 KB, 490x301) ImgOps

    >don't be an autistic
    >go outside
    and finally have sex with portuguese woman

     /#/ 2281

    1561525490026.jpg  (58,72 KB, 640x640) ImgOps

    as >>2280 said, just don't go full sperg and you will succeed breeding and bringing more Inês into this world

     /#/ 2282

    I've seen her posted here before, most of us don't even know who she is, guess she is more famous outside poortugal.

     /#/ 2283

    1561526178562.jpg  (52,41 KB, 640x640) ImgOps

    she is a being of light and we must ensure the existence of her kind
    smart, writer, make math interesting to watch, 10/10, conservative, we need portuguese woman for good

     /#/ 2284

    I'll try my best mr burger.

     /#/ 2299

    the poortuguese going extinct is a good thing literally a race of mutts.

     /#/ 2300


     /#/ 2301

    Not ironically, I hope they fill this rectangle faster with subsaharan.

     /#/ 2319

    1561605731153.png  (346,07 KB, 474x631) ImgOps

    Portuguese women get old too fast.

     /#/ 2324

    She looks 22, 23.


     /#/ 2329

    ayyy lmao

     /#/ 3124

     /#/ 3125

    While there are certainly much worse examples of meme e-girls, I can't say that I care in the slightest that she's going away. I just wonder what the next Brazilian fad will be.

     /#/ 3126

    You're wrong.

     /#/ 3131

    >This is a SFW English language board.
    >English language

     /#/ 3132

    You underestimate what incels can do, even though this isn't Japan or USA tier.

     /#/ 3135

    She's cute for a moor, but also kind of annoying. The whole youtuber acting is very disappointing. Also, she needs to eat a burger.
    >that accent
    I can see now why so many Brazilians like her: neither can speak Portuguese.

     /#/ 3181

    Portuguese are ugly as fuck. Having sex would open the gates to hell

     /#/ 3227

    Ok I will do it

     /#/ 3228

    1566583585980.webm  (935,08 KB, 1280x720) ImgOps

    /med/ sent me here

     /#/ 3229

    hello based pasta man

     /#/ 3230

    based and Irenepilled

     /#/ 3234

    What the hell is going on with your government mate, I need a quick rundown

     /#/ 3235

    Fuck off English wannabe porky boy. Go suck Spains dick or smth

     /#/ 3236

    > implying anyone wants to be a smelly Angl*
    Go away Mohammed, we're not gonna go there no matter how tsundere you act

     /#/ 3336

    Actually, seeing her videos she looks a little naughty, but probably would be a good wife.

     /#/ 3452

    portugal means CALoric PORT.
    It's nice and warm, mostly.

     /#/ 3454


     /#/ 3457

    1579398378461.jpg  (307,78 KB, 1440x900) ImgOps

    We also need more of Irene, Please,

     /#/ 3459

    1579399867602.jpg  (1,82 MB, 1920x2662) ImgOps

    never say that name again

     /#/ 3460

    but Irene has such a nice tummy

     /#/ 3461

    1579400256749.jpg  (21,03 KB, 900x599) ImgOps

    >mfw waiting to catch her near Nabância to performe a portuguese Sancta Irene

     /#/ 3462

    have sex

     /#/ 3463


     /#/ 3464

    dilate, tranny

     /#/ 3470


     /#/ 3471

    Looks like a typical mestiza you'd find around here, there's no shortage of those.

     /#/ 3485

    1580183935608.webm  (4,71 MB, 1920x1080) ImgOps

    She's mine, please get out.

     /#/ 3489


     /#/ 3502

    I did not expect my bait thread to last this longer, some people really like portuguese women, eh?

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     /#/ 3503

    1581175232623.gif  (1,35 MB, 500x213) ImgOps

     /#/ 3504

    This is a bait thread? It sounded like real concern. I whish I had an Inês in my life.

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     /#/ 3505

    Yeah, I was just watching some of her videos at the time, that accent is what attracted me the most
    And then started spamming worship threads about her and other portuguese women, but most of you tugas didn't even know she exists. I first saw her on 55chan (RIP) in 2018

     /#/ 3506

    You did well. I didn't know her before seeing these threads either. Now I feel like I've found meaning in my life, I have something to strive for, there's something for me to achieve. After betraying 2D 2 years ago I fell in absolute darkness. When we turn our backs to a 2D waifu, the waifu turns her back to us too, just like God does. But 3D is still there for us. Sure, it is not the same thing, but it is something. I now know there's an Inês somewhere, out there, waiting for me. One day I will meet my own Inês and I'll put her inside a potato bag. As a matter of fact, I should leave this place now and go out in the real world to search for her.

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     /#/ 3575

    That's absolutelly beautiful.

     /#/ 3576

    >Portuguese humor

     /#/ 3634


    Where? link me my med brother

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