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    Oktoberfest in Munich
    Clica aqui para ver.10 respostas e 3 imagens

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    >funk carioca in oktoberfest 2019

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    O tradicionalismo da Oktoberfest de Blumenau está em ruínas.

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    1573170993545.jpg  (71,76 KB, 572x572) ImgOps

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    For false Christs and false prophets will appear, who will perform signs and wonders, if possible to deceive the elect. So be aware: I warned you in advance.

    Mark 13: 22-23


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    You are not going to heaven anyway.

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     /#/ 3319

    No one is.

     /#/ 3397

    Hitler did.

    1566583979548.jpg  (2,2 MB, 3256x3112) ImgOps

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    Hello I hate asian """people""" (insects), do you?
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    I hate them less than middle eastern, Shahar.

     /#/ 3376

    Hello Shahar

     /#/ 3377

    just post the chav slags jolly good sir!

     /#/ 3378

    Wow! For a second, I thought it was me in the picture.

     /#/ 3395

    I bet you're short too.

    1572370375735.webm  (2,23 MB, 1920x1080) ImgOps

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    Novo Fio

     /#/ 3391

    Yes, it means New Thread

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    1572372311116.png  (232,94 KB, 274x337) ImgOps

    Means sweetheart.

    1570245709110.jpg  (21,44 KB, 400x236) ImgOps

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    Sabem o que é uma trap?

    Um pouco do drama.


    O que a Proton se esquece de contar

    I have created this account after being tired of watching excuse after excuse of the behavior on Proton.

    1 - Protonmail needs to learn this definition "When something is private to a person, it usually means that something is inherently special or sensitive to them. The domain of privacy partially overlaps with security, which can include the concepts of appropriate use, as well as protection of information. Privacy may also take the form of bodily integrity. The right not to be subjected to unsanctioned invasions of privacy by the government, corporations or individuals is part of many countries' privacy laws, and in some cases, constitutions" - The OP is Sweden for what I have read.

    2 - "OP is a drug dealer, engaged in activity that is illegal in Switzerland" - instead of pointing the finger, take a look at this "No personal information is required to create your secure email account. By default, we do not keep any IP logs which can be linked to your anonymous email account. Your privacy comes first." I agree.

    If you provide us with your contact information, we can put you in touch witTexto demasiado longo. Clica aqui para ver o resto.(use >>>/br/ for lusoposting)
    Clica aqui para ver.3 respostas

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    Also you must be some kind of retard to believe the privacy meme when the state is involved, if they really want to get you, they will. You're just not important enough sweetie.
    Where is the Silkroad guy? Oh yeah, life imprisonment + 40 years without possibility of parole.

     /#/ 3360

    Fraca memória, Black Market Reloaded ou o Agora.

     /#/ 3361

    Como está o queijo?

     /#/ 3362

    Stop spamming this board with portuguese stuff, this is an english language board. Use the other 13 portuguese language boards retard.

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    Nice thread.

    1569864128945.jpg  (96,49 KB, 622x415) ImgOps

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    Coimbra – Toxicity

     /#/ 3321

    Yes Coimbra is a very toxic city.

     /#/ 3322

    Goodnight toothpaste.

    1568898421678.jpg  (208,31 KB, 715x1117) ImgOps

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     /#/ 3310

    Is everything ok burger?

     /#/ 3304Responder

    Good night, candy prince.

     /#/ 3225Responder

    Kid from 8.

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    1566822252520.jpg  (4,45 KB, 225x225) ImgOps


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    1568061279564.jpg  (22,52 KB, 640x401) ImgOps

    Your Midnight.

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    1567920128847.jpg  (20,12 KB, 258x375) ImgOps

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    Looks moortuguese

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    1567952046478.jpg  (510,22 KB, 880x1280) ImgOps

    1567619645644.png  (15,9 KB, 350x350) ImgOps

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    Yes we know you're using a VPN/proxy now go away Alberto.

     /#/ 3264

    what about me euron*gg*r?

     /#/ 3265


     /#/ 3266

    Please don't m8. I don't want to offend anyone

    1567335306561.jpg  (1,97 MB, 3024x4032) ImgOps

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    Hash, cocaine, marijuana?

    Seriously, someone pass a law or something making this illegal. Or maybe make it your national anthem?

    Eu gostei muito viajar aqui em Lisboa, mais alguém deve fazer algo com essa plaga da “drogas” né?

    Also, your food is overrated

     /#/ 3260

    1567374954376.jpg  (69,7 KB, 1024x768) ImgOps

    >your food is overrated

     /#/ 3261

    >copying stuff from reddit

    1567053916414.png  (51,5 KB, 335x234) ImgOps

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    What is some good vocabulary for shitposting in Portuguese?
    Clica aqui para ver.1 resposta

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    1567054327784.png  (347,3 KB, 400x389) ImgOps

    call whomever you're talking to one of the following:
    >filho da puta
    and say "caralho" as often as possible

     /#/ 3252

    >o cu da tua mãe é mais largo
    >se fode aí
    Use the last one when you ran out of ideas.

     /#/ 3254

    You should always end your sentences with "cumps". Cumps.

     /#/ 3255

    >United States of America

     /#/ 3258


    1566986186536.jpg  (30,29 KB, 480x480) ImgOps

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    Why is your admin such a massive anime fag? also
    >not flat
    This is why you are all virgins

     /#/ 3244

    Larga o VPN

     /#/ 3245

    1566986788441.png  (899,55 KB, 816x638) ImgOps

    based man of culture
    flat is justice!

     /#/ 3246

    Its a VPN dumb porky boy. Ask the admin if it's bothering you so much
    >tfw 600€ minimum wage
    I wonder how you don't starve

     /#/ 3247

    It's not*

     /#/ 3248

    With all your retirees coming here dropping their life savings it's not too hard keeping myself fed

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