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    The map of the World Peace.
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    our board now

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    incredibly based

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    1594482148446.jpg  (421,45 KB, 750x797) ImgOps

    why do you have hammers in every flag? do you wanan be bob the builder or something.

     /#/ 4197

    >everyone starves to death

    world peace indeed

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    1594456146850.png  (304,92 KB, 1247x798) ImgOps

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    who is your favorite?
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    1595960574391.jpg  (376,94 KB, 748x750) ImgOps

    get off, you pervert, i'm warning you

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    >those lips

     /#/ 4207

    my wife

     /#/ 4208

    post more!

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    1596390505600.png  (782,63 KB, 700x467) ImgOps

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    Would you marriage with a alpha Brazilian male to get citizenship?

     /#/ 4217

    Why would anyone want to live in shithole monkey country also known as Brazil?

     /#/ 4218

    >Male Brazilian citizens have a 12-month military service obligation
    <unless the citizen has a disqualifying physical or psychological condition, or if the citizen does not wish to serve and the military finds enough volunteers to support its needs.

    1595130424149.png  (132,52 KB, 450x454) ImgOps

     /#/ 4177Responder

    What goes on here?
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    What book should I shill?

     /#/ 4192

    nothing :^)

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     /#/ 4206

    A day in Bahia, Brazil.


     /#/ 4214

    Niggers... niggers everywhere... and as always, rampant crime.

    1567733526089.jpg  (170,84 KB, 758x1024) ImgOps

     /#/ 3267Responder

    despite all the memes, if poortugueses was relatively successful as conquistadors, how it comes there's no ex colonies majority (genetically) white left by them?
    pls no bully, i'm a portugalboo after all
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     /#/ 3555

    Portuguese refer to anyone above France as "steaks".

    Why? Cause those are the people that get red instead of brown when exposed to the sun.

    Now guess what happens to Portuguese when they move to the equator?

    We are like Russian Hamsters in the eternal African summer, anglo.

    Winter is not coming.

     /#/ 3584

    Pretty much got high off of slavery and there was no incentive in sending our people over there. Portuguese generally colonized for the money, that's basically it.

     /#/ 4125

    why would you go to another country and kill all the brown, yellow and black cuties, we just fuck them and cuck the local men. Its in our mourish genes after all.

     /#/ 4151

    we are catholic, you are not
    portugal saved souls on all continents, but your demonic language offered nothing but the devil and usury

     /#/ 4213

    dont hate them. Anglos have the protestant zionist virus. They need saving and we need saving from them.

    1561524389462.jpg  (97,27 KB, 599x600) ImgOps

     /#/ 2278Responder

    >qts like this will literally go extinct if poortugueses don't have sex
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     /#/ 4188

    >Is she mimicking brazilian accent
    No, she just can't speak portuguese either.

     /#/ 4193

    She looks like she fucks black guys

     /#/ 4194

    >be white
    >see girl
    >immediately think about black men

     /#/ 4195

    The quintessential white man
    And he is based

     /#/ 4196

    She's not a Dutch woman, sorry

    1594490162817.jpg  (1,1 MB, 1748x982) ImgOps

     /#/ 4127Responder

    What is Scorpion thinking?

     /#/ 4129

    1594493247127.jpg  (178,84 KB, 640x403) ImgOps

    Da fuck r a here american scum.

     /#/ 4173

    he's thinking "all lives matter"

    1595063041159.jpg  (94,9 KB, 680x834) ImgOps

     /#/ 4169Responder

     /#/ 4171

    >video games
    Are you guys twelve?

    1595035362241.jpg  (134,91 KB, 1600x1066) ImgOps

     /#/ 4164Responder

    you guys are complete pussies. You said you wanted a race war, well now it's here and you pathetic cavalheiro losers are just sitting at home jacking off. You faggots are all talk. You guys won't do shit because you're nothing but a little pussy!

     /#/ 4165

    >pathetic cavalheiro
    kek he doesn't know

     /#/ 4166

    We are still trying to figure wich side of the barricade do we belong to, sorry.

     /#/ 4167

    Imagine not being able to bypass the word filters. What a bitch.

     /#/ 4168

    Hello my friend.
    I will let you know ptchan™ does not believe in races.

    1586138936005.jpg  (14,26 KB, 639x360) ImgOps

     /#/ 3692Responder

    Go back

     /#/ 3696

    Urusei macaco-chan

     /#/ 3725

    just found out i cant post on /br/ so you are safe

     /#/ 3726

    1586394181984.jpg  (19,42 KB, 252x305) ImgOps

    Canadians do not belong here, please go away I'm asking kindly.

     /#/ 3727

    1586394327405.png  (9,47 KB, 103x120) ImgOps

    ...but if you are chinese diaspora you can stay for free

     /#/ 4155



    1561757705075.jpg  (27,79 KB, 620x413) ImgOps

     /#/ 2345Responder

    Never come to Japan, all women in Japan are whore and evil.
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     /#/ 3558

    1583124855459.jpeg  (75,82 KB, 670x882) ImgOps

    This true? Or you gatekeeping?

     /#/ 3564

    1583277660770.jpg  (44,31 KB, 680x382) ImgOps

    >Never come to Japan
    I'll be mix racing with half your country once the Olympic games are in full force.
    You cannot stop me proto gook, this has been happening in every country and it will happen in yours now, you cannot stop the Medbull.

    t.Alberto Barbosa

     /#/ 4123

    Already did, ur women are whores but god they are fucking terrible at sex.

     /#/ 4137

    > whore and evil

     /#/ 4153

    You should see the wectern woman

    1594757750346.jpg  (107,82 KB, 473x921) ImgOps

     /#/ 4141Responder

    US population change by race/ethnicity, 2010-2019

    Absolute #s:
    Hispanic +9.8m
    Asian +4.1m
    Black +3.1m
    White -79K

    % of total increase:
    Hispanic +52%
    Asian +22%
    Black +17%
    White <0%


     /#/ 4150

    Who cares monkey boy

    1594123207128.webm  (728,77 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps

     /#/ 4012Responder

    Is learning portugese easy? Also can you post lusitanian ebin menes? With translation of course


    bump this thread if you recognized him :DDDD
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     /#/ 4144

    I don't believe in unfalsifiable things and I believe they're hindrance to humans. Religions existed because our primal understandings tried to reasonate thing happenning around them. But after we understand them better I see no reason why they should be taken seriously.

     /#/ 4145

    1594770541034-0.jpg  (37,33 KB, 600x450) ImgOps

    1594770541034-1.jpg  (120,63 KB, 512x512) ImgOps

    1594770541034-2.jpg  (48,58 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps

    Fair enougth.
    Just dont' get hindered (i know you wont) because ptchan as a tendency to discuss it like its 2020 - 10.
    In some sence its like football, we have our favorites but also can enjoy a nice lel whenever we are on the recinving end.
    But you should take it seriously, there are conections that go beyond reson and can only be explained by dogma and myth.
    >Irene its the living image of the godess Dan, from wich we derive our anonimous name Danone.
    >BOGA GOA he is our cunt leader to reminde us that the weel of Samsara allways turns around
    >Nuno Markl our mascot to remind us that "from Spain neither good wind nor good marriage" an old saying from the time they tried to invade our realm, yes, he got cucked.

     /#/ 4146

    I asked for myth you gave me erotica of karaboğa and irene :DD

    > our anonimous name


    >But you should take it seriously, there are conections that go beyond reson and can only be explained by dogma and myth.

    like what though? Sometimes we cant explain things by reason mainly because technological inability. You couldnt explain virus mutations in 1000BC for example. There are things that science cant explain but sciences power comes from ability to question and readapt itself as it has no dogma. If you falsify, you need to revise how nice.

     /#/ 4147

    Its ptchan's signature anons name.

    >you need to revise

    Tell it to the quarentine "experts".
    Scientism rather than science as become our new religion, yet more powerfull and scary.
    Its like Cronos and Zeus. The later endes up becoming the tyrant.
    And even thou their methods were not as advanced as ours they allready had asclepious school of thougth in 1000BC, didnt' they?

     /#/ 4149

    by scientism you mean zoomers who delved into pop science and think science can never be wrong? being wrong is the very essence of science. even einsteins theories will be eventually falsified, worshipping theories and pop science idols are extremely dumb. I didn't leave my religion believe in even dumber dogma.

    1591491280056.jpeg  (215,97 KB, 750x808) ImgOps

     /#/ 3893Responder

    Go to Brazil and do this. They’re yours.
    Clica aqui para ver.4 respostas e 1 imagem

     /#/ 3938

     /#/ 3995

    God, what a damn fag

     /#/ 4139

    what is the source haha

     /#/ 4148

    Read the thread you Cucknadian subhuman

     /#/ 4209

    >anime grasoso
    asco, por favor amigo angloparlante borra esa mierda de tu computadora

    1594495931974.png  (584,64 KB, 744x1053) ImgOps

     /#/ 4130Responder

    Hi anonimos!

    Do you know where to find that jungle theme from brchan (picr) to propose it for our smallboard?

    Thank you.
    Clica aqui para ver.1 resposta

     /#/ 4132

    brchan sounds so much more fun than in here

     /#/ 4133

    Turn back.

     /#/ 4134

    So nobody knows abt this theme. Kthx

     /#/ 4135

    It was the best I managed to find with the search I made. Maybe you can find the exact theme in this website if you look harder.

     /#/ 4136

    O virgem ptchan a distanciar-se emocionalmente dos seus danones
    O chade brchan a tentar saber das vidas pessoais dos anões para depois os doxxar

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