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    despite all the memes, if poortugueses was relatively successful as conquistadors, how it comes there's no ex colonies majority (genetically) white left by them?
    pls no bully, i'm a portugalboo after all
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    Actually, this anon is right. White population probably is under 40% of Brazil, and you'll not find it in places like Bahia or Pernambuco, you need to go to the south or the middle west, regions colonized by germans, portuguese, italians and their descendants.

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    Light skin Pardos aren't white

     /#/ 3555

    Portuguese refer to anyone above France as "steaks".

    Why? Cause those are the people that get red instead of brown when exposed to the sun.

    Now guess what happens to Portuguese when they move to the equator?

    We are like Russian Hamsters in the eternal African summer, anglo.

    Winter is not coming.

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    Pretty much got high off of slavery and there was no incentive in sending our people over there. Portuguese generally colonized for the money, that's basically it.

    1581794002360.jpg  (20,97 KB, 475x277) ImgOps

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    I was in Portugal to get to know the country better, and I noticed that people are quite rude, direct, some literally had hair on their armpits and pectorals, and I also spoke with one who had bad breath. So I would like to know why you are like that?
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    Nice bait. It worked.

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    poortugal should belong to Spain, poortuguese are shit

     /#/ 3567

    now now where is fleg, fren?

     /#/ 3570

    better to be shit people than to be a bunch of useless low t fags like spaniards

     /#/ 3583

    Because we're awesome

    1585072083152.mp4  (2,05 MB, 640x800) ImgOps

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    Argentina > Brazil

    1585063274740.jpg  (458,98 KB, 2024x2000) ImgOps

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    I'm southern.

    1575294362277.jpg  (6,55 KB, 324x156) ImgOps

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    Universidade de Cuimbra - always rice nas cantinas
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    1579619196685.png  (1,41 MB, 640x960) ImgOps

    I wish we used mage uniforms in Brazil.

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    Is this shit really real?

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    Day 9, floor 7, 10 hours. I pay a snack to the first person who says the phrase "agora comia um danone" in front of the elevators on the side of the external urology consultations. I'll be there.

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     /#/ 3577

    Need moar on her.
    What's her name?

    1561524389462.jpg  (97,27 KB, 599x600) ImgOps

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    >qts like this will literally go extinct if poortugueses don't have sex
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    This is a bait thread? It sounded like real concern. I whish I had an Inês in my life.

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    Yeah, I was just watching some of her videos at the time, that accent is what attracted me the most
    And then started spamming worship threads about her and other portuguese women, but most of you tugas didn't even know she exists. I first saw her on 55chan (RIP) in 2018

     /#/ 3506

    You did well. I didn't know her before seeing these threads either. Now I feel like I've found meaning in my life, I have something to strive for, there's something for me to achieve. After betraying 2D 2 years ago I fell in absolute darkness. When we turn our backs to a 2D waifu, the waifu turns her back to us too, just like God does. But 3D is still there for us. Sure, it is not the same thing, but it is something. I now know there's an Inês somewhere, out there, waiting for me. One day I will meet my own Inês and I'll put her inside a potato bag. As a matter of fact, I should leave this place now and go out in the real world to search for her.

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    That's absolutelly beautiful.

     /#/ 3576

    >Portuguese humor

    1584550671764.jpg  (39,57 KB, 1014x570) ImgOps

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    How is the situation with coronavirus in your country? Are people panicking? Is everything closing?

    Here it is looking like we are going to a zombie apocalypse, markets are empty because people are buying all food, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other supriments that they can. People are really getting paranoic.

     /#/ 3574

    We are very afreid. We are all running to da bich to wash ourselves with salty water and kill big bug

    1584072870524.jpg  (124 KB, 960x960) ImgOps

     /#/ 3571Responder

    É verdade que Tom Sawyer é famoso em portugal?

     /#/ 3572

    Fio movido para >>>/br/12357.

    1561757705075.jpg  (27,79 KB, 620x413) ImgOps

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    Never come to Japan, all women in Japan are whore and evil.
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     /#/ 3500

    They're evil whores outside Japan too.
    t. outside Japan

     /#/ 3510

    Too later. I'm going to japan to get my girlfriend.

     /#/ 3511

    yelow méne trying to scare the huwhitu manu away from his wimens
    50% of your women are dying virgins because of their careers and the lack of initiative from the masturbating yeloo man. You are lucky the White Man has found out that Black Queens are the best of all females, otherwise the White Man would be on your streets humiliating all you virgins.

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    1583124855459.jpeg  (75,82 KB, 670x882) ImgOps

    This true? Or you gatekeeping?

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    1583277660770.jpg  (44,31 KB, 680x382) ImgOps

    >Never come to Japan
    I'll be mix racing with half your country once the Olympic games are in full force.
    You cannot stop me proto gook, this has been happening in every country and it will happen in yours now, you cannot stop the Medbull.

    t.Alberto Barbosa

     /#/ 3484Responder

    >traditional portuguese music

     /#/ 3501

    1580810370038.mp4  (3,31 MB, 640x360) ImgOps

    Portuguese folk dance.

    1568566615988.gif  (960,65 KB, 200x146) ImgOps

     /#/ 3305Responder

    What do you hate? What do you enjoy? Are there any universal rules between your people which newfrog like me can learn? Tell me something about yourself.
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    we like polish girls on erasmus

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    1572526601669.gif  (179,95 KB, 640x360) ImgOps

    >☭o☭o alliance.
    I laugh my self

     /#/ 3437

    I mostly hate niggers and sandniggers.
    It's a curse to be white in Brazil and live amongst "pardos", which is like a less shitskin nigger. If Hitler did not existed my grandparents wouldn't leave Austria.

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    Holy Based

    1580666163754.png  (2,11 MB, 2000x4000) ImgOps

     /#/ 3491Responder

    come on out for the best time of your entire mother fucking life

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    1580666317608.jpg  (39,68 KB, 750x714) ImgOps


     /#/ 3493

    for a board this dead thats some impressive response time

     /#/ 3494

    We use /*/

    1573293127202.jpg  (248,56 KB, 1032x572) ImgOps

     /#/ 3406Responder

    Portuguese genes are strong as fuck

     /#/ 3407

    Strong moortuguese bulls

     /#/ 3408

    1573736635723.jpg  (263,53 KB, 2208x1135) ImgOps


     /#/ 3409

    1574385360581.png  (661,06 KB, 3236x2456) ImgOps

    Get fucking colonized

     /#/ 3480

    Portuguese people are ugly

    1567979138777.jpg  (9,43 KB, 257x196) ImgOps

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    Stop watching anime
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     /#/ 3293

    vpn epic

     /#/ 3294

    Ànimei gave me hope for a better future and a new will to live. It literally saved my life with 2D love. I will never forget what animei did for me. I will give my life for animé in the day of the borracha.

     /#/ 3398

    Anime was literally the only beautiful thing I had seen in this god forsaken shithole country, continent, point in time, and planet, for the longest time.
    I wish it wasn't dead.

     /#/ 3436

    how bout no

     /#/ 3458

    good thread

    1570129245331-0.png  (1,32 MB, 987x598) ImgOps

     /#/ 3341Responder

    Oktoberfest in Munich
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    1570399557868.png  (143,86 KB, 365x250) ImgOps

    >funk carioca in oktoberfest 2019

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    O tradicionalismo da Oktoberfest de Blumenau está em ruínas.

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