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    I'm southern.
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    Funny, in Portugal it's actually the reverse

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    the closer to the equator, the hotter it gets, faggit.

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    Come home, black man.

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    I shit, therefore I am

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    The real stuff and being about thing of entire mental culture of literary destroyed any hope of Brazil being a good country. We can remeber another exemples like, Brazil is really, SOME ofg brazillian people is really, really sick people, the can't I able to talk name, Lula, and Getulios Vargas. I'm sorry, I just London native and Totenham supporter living abourt 20 years in Brazil. and mengau

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebastianism showd looking

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    yes, of course macaco

    1588531828202.jpg  (50,1 KB, 1106x1012) ImgOps

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    Who is the most intelligent portuguese people alive? Who was the most intelligent portuguese of all time?

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    Alberto Barbosa

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    Me and me.

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    1588602841537.mp4  (733,52 KB, 640x800) ImgOps

    Well he was the richest but I seriously doubt he was the wiser
    Proofs needed, Manoel

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    Cristiano Ronaldo.

    1585072083152.mp4  (2,05 MB, 640x800) ImgOps

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    Argentina > Brazil
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    Nah, we are based, they are just cringelords white wannabes

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    he looks happy

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    1588248276590.png  (715,14 KB, 600x505) ImgOps

    He truly was.

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    Back in the day when men were men.

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    1588605455906.jpg  (791,74 KB, 1080x2082) ImgOps

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    Wow...Mongolia is really a strong place

    1588091386557.png  (250,3 KB, 917x872) ImgOps

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    Lole hi.

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    1588092016214.webm  (32,21 KB, 558x522) ImgOps

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    Helloooo frend from Canada!

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    Stop tranny posting like retards you faggots really are.

    Sorte: Um pénis feminino vai aparecer na tua vida \(^w^)/

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    ok monkey

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    lole nice fortune

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    Any idea where to get at least 60% vodka (or other edible alcohol) from Portugal? None of my local friends know, in fact when I ask they look at me like I'm a Nordic alcoholic or someth... oh damn, I am :D

    So far I have't found any other sources than buying from Spain or distilling it myself (which I've done lots but right now I feel too lazy).

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    Why 60+%? That isn't even tasty at all. And isn't vodka typically around 50%? Absinthe is usually pretty strong, but that is not what you're looking for. And Madeiran aguardente de cana is the strongest drink that I know of at 60%.

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    It´s not legal in Portugal

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    Because I'm making infusion stuff and for it to work alcohol content needs to be at least 60% (yeah, tried with 43% Hendricks and failed). Of course it's undrinkable like that so I'm diluting it a lot.

    Thanks, thought so. Where I come from it's also mostly impossible to find any good strong vodka so I usually just went to buy it across the border (and I'll do the same here - Spain here I come!).

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    1588356537673.jpg  (22,27 KB, 720x733) ImgOps

    Sorry we couldn't have been of more help to you. But it's nice that you have a positive outlook on the situation. I hope you'll at least find what you're looking for in Sp*in, anon.

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    No this was really helpful because now I know not to waste any moar of my precious time trying to look for a bottle.

    My precious <3

    1588206896467.png  (83,6 KB, 600x273) ImgOps

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    Let's play some Minecraft on our /int/ server:
    hub.dev-urandom.eu:25565 (version: 1.15.2)

    Wiki with more information: http://dev-urandom.eu/
    Overview map: map.dev-urandom.eu
    IRC: irc.dev-urandom.eu - channels: #chat (ingame chat), #int
    Pirate-friendly client: https://tlauncher.org/en/

    Basic commands:
    /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn.
    /home - Teleports you to your home (set with /sethome or by sleeping in a bed like a fag).
    /lb tb - Provides a melonblock that can show block changes.

    Don't grief and don't be an asshole (obviously). Basically, you can build anywhere, although there are some limitations. There is enough space for everyone! Don't get discouraged by the autism of the server, things will get easier for you later. Also, mods, admins and other players may help you.

    Join us now and share your autism, you'll be free, players, you'll be free!

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    Nah, im fine.

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    Do we get Portuguese land?

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    Sorte: É tramado, mas este jogo está acabado

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    1587332407982.png  (75,15 KB, 576x413) ImgOps

    C-CARALHO, PERDI TUDO. Já se ajoelhou pro kim hoje?

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    I'm seething at this post, leave my website monkey.

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    1587334233394.png  (368,63 KB, 677x662) ImgOps

    How do you even find a North Korean VPN?

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    1561524389462.jpg  (97,27 KB, 599x600) ImgOps

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    >qts like this will literally go extinct if poortugueses don't have sex
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    1587052829572.png  (560,15 KB, 477x594) ImgOps

    I can't handle it

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    where did you get that pic?

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    1587070727523.jpg  (207,03 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps

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    I've just watched her first episode on RTP. What have they done to her, so much makeup, she doesn't look happy and naturally joyful and the room is dark depressive and filled with random junk for the sake of being random. The only thing left is her terrible sence of humour. She's another case of someone who loved their hobby and then began seeing it as a burden when they started getting payed to do it. She should have stayed in her bedroom being herself in front of a shitty camera. I hope she hasn't gone through those things they do to little kids in Hollywood.

    Sorte: Vais adquirir um Audi de 2012

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    1586464843886-1.jpg  (137,34 KB, 1080x843) ImgOps

    1586464843886-2.jpg  (134,54 KB, 1080x1080) ImgOps

    1586464843886-3.jpg  (79,2 KB, 1080x1080) ImgOps

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    Mulher Pedra "The rock woman".

    She has the same disease as Ronnie Coleman, which prevents the body from accumulating fat and makes it gain muscle every time she sleeps.
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    Hi, come to Brazil and impregnate our women

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    Disgusting, lmao

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    1587139496264.jpg  (63,45 KB, 768x512) ImgOps

    ave Temer

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    1587140427935-0.jpg  (149,49 KB, 1080x1080) ImgOps

    1587140427935-1.jpg  (34,56 KB, 960x712) ImgOps

    This is Amazonka, Conan is her girlfriend.

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    1586833019275.jpg  (1,12 MB, 3500x2334) ImgOps

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    What a bunch of self entitled faggots. Eat shit and die, every single one of that rectangle filled with the worst scum on earth.

    Sorte: Pergunta aos digitos

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    t. monkey

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    Hei friend. The thing that unites all portuguese is their strong criticism of Portugal. You are one of us.

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    1586883141265.gif  (1,65 MB, 328x259) ImgOps

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    1587086328877.png  (825,11 KB, 674x506) ImgOps

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    >when your economy and tech is so developed that you can make fat people walk again like Jesus curing the crippled
    >meanwhile in Brasil everyone is skinny either because they're running away from the police or from the criminais all the time with bare feet

    1586199296615-0.jpg  (51,04 KB, 960x640) ImgOps

    1586199296615-1.jpg  (187,77 KB, 719x1024) ImgOps

    1586199296615-2.png  (672,72 KB, 1073x808) ImgOps

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    The only thing that motivates me to live is the hope that one day I will still have an orgy with Ferenc, Sayuri Mattar and Dyh Murder.

    I swear to god: on the day that happens, you will have news in your country’s newspapers of the appearance of the first pregnant man in human history. And I will be the father.
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    Shut up, monkey.

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    Shut up, monkey.

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    1586287247324.png  (318,82 KB, 615x484) ImgOps

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    I'm sorry, monkey.

     /#/ 3790

    Shut up, monkey.

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