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    Hello I hate asian """people""" (insects), do you?

     /#/ 3232

    No, life is too short to waste it hating.

     /#/ 3233

    You look cute m8

     /#/ 3237

    I hate them less than middle eastern, Shahar.

     /#/ 3376

    Hello Shahar

     /#/ 3377

    just post the chav slags jolly good sir!

    1570129245331-0.png  (1,32 MB, 987x598) ImgOps

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    Oktoberfest in Munich
    Clica aqui para ver.6 respostas e 2 imagens

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    quem sao esses portugueses

     /#/ 3353

    >a traditionalist festival


     /#/ 3364

    1570366231047.png  (684,36 KB, 798x399) ImgOps

    >oktoberfest in brazil

     /#/ 3365

    Is that the Santa Catarina one >>3364? Dude on the right looks like a faggot with the plug shit on his ear but at least they are making an effort to look like proper people. Still, too much alcohol. Terrible culture. How do the women dress and behave there?

     /#/ 3366

    1570399557868.png  (143,86 KB, 365x250) ImgOps

    >funk carioca in oktoberfest 2019

    1570245709110.jpg  (21,44 KB, 400x236) ImgOps

     /#/ 3354Responder

    Sabem o que é uma trap?

    Um pouco do drama.


    O que a Proton se esquece de contar

    I have created this account after being tired of watching excuse after excuse of the behavior on Proton.

    Texto demasiado longo. Clica aqui para ver o resto.(use >>>/br/ for lusoposting)
    Clica aqui para ver.3 respostas

     /#/ 3359

    Also you must be some kind of retard to believe the privacy meme when the state is involved, if they really want to get you, they will. You're just not important enough sweetie.
    Where is the Silkroad guy? Oh yeah, life imprisonment + 40 years without possibility of parole.

     /#/ 3360

    Fraca memória, Black Market Reloaded ou o Agora.

     /#/ 3361

    Como está o queijo?

     /#/ 3362

    Stop spamming this board with portuguese stuff, this is an english language board. Use the other 13 portuguese language boards retard.

     /#/ 3363


    Nice thread.

    1567733526089.jpg  (170,84 KB, 758x1024) ImgOps

     /#/ 3267Responder

    despite all the memes, if poortugueses was relatively successful as conquistadors, how it comes there's no ex colonies majority (genetically) white left by them?
    pls no bully, i'm a portugalboo after all
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     /#/ 3270

    The same happened with every European power, with the exceptions of north America, Australia and new Zealand, because they were scarcely populated to begin with.

    In Mexico 80% of natives died with European diseases but their population base was so large that they recovered in a few decades this time with the admixture of the Spanish conquistador's.
    On the other hand England had 0 impact on the Indian population genetics, why because they were immune to European disease and had a huge population.

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    1567776789966.jpg  (672,66 KB, 1250x1750) ImgOps

    > sending poortugay text to a dirty anglo speaker

     /#/ 3273

    >claims to be a portugalbooo
    >doesn't even undestand portuguese

    English version: https://archive.org/details/bub_gb_WYFFbVYEzvkC/page/n85

     /#/ 3337


    Church > Color

    1561524389462.jpg  (97,27 KB, 599x600) ImgOps

     /#/ 2278Responder

    >qts like this will literally go extinct if poortugueses don't have sex
    Clica aqui para ver.42 respostas e 6 imagens

     /#/ 3236

    > implying anyone wants to be a smelly Angl*
    Go away Mohammed, we're not gonna go there no matter how tsundere you act

     /#/ 3242

    uma deidade, de facto

     /#/ 3334

    Agora eu sei porque brasileiros odeiam tanto a si mesmos. Temos a quem puxar.

     /#/ 3335

    heheh incelinos do caralho a pretopilar os nossos manos tropicais.

     /#/ 3336

    Actually, seeing her videos she looks a little naughty, but probably would be a good wife.

    1569864128945.jpg  (96,49 KB, 622x415) ImgOps

     /#/ 3320Responder

    Coimbra – Toxicity

     /#/ 3321

    Yes Coimbra is a very toxic city.

     /#/ 3322

    Goodnight toothpaste.

    1569604983683.jpg  (26,25 KB, 700x525) ImgOps

     /#/ 3315Responder

    For false Christs and false prophets will appear, who will perform signs and wonders, if possible to deceive the elect. So be aware: I warned you in advance.

    Mark 13: 22-23


     /#/ 3316

    You are not going to heaven anyway.

     /#/ 3318

     /#/ 3319

    No one is.

    1568898421678.jpg  (208,31 KB, 715x1117) ImgOps

     /#/ 3309Responder

     /#/ 3310

    Is everything ok burger?

    1568566615988.gif  (960,65 KB, 200x146) ImgOps

     /#/ 3305Responder

    What do you hate? What do you enjoy? Are there any universal rules between your people which newfrog like me can learn? Tell me something about yourself.

     /#/ 3306

    Why does Poland like Portugal so much? We should make an alliance, the PoPo alliance.

     /#/ 3304Responder

    Good night, candy prince.

     /#/ 3225Responder

    Kid from 8.

     /#/ 3238

    1566822252520.jpg  (4,45 KB, 225x225) ImgOps


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    1568061279564.jpg  (22,52 KB, 640x401) ImgOps

    Your Midnight.

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    1567979138777.jpg  (9,43 KB, 257x196) ImgOps

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    Stop watching anime

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    1568044585859.jpg  (142,84 KB, 960x960) ImgOps


     /#/ 3293

    vpn epic

     /#/ 3294

    Ànimei gave me hope for a better future and a new will to live. It literally saved my life with 2D love. I will never forget what animei did for me. I will give my life for animé in the day of the borracha.

    1567920128847.jpg  (20,12 KB, 258x375) ImgOps

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    Looks moortuguese

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    1567952046478.jpg  (510,22 KB, 880x1280) ImgOps

    1567619645644.png  (15,9 KB, 350x350) ImgOps

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     /#/ 3263

    Yes we know you're using a VPN/proxy now go away Alberto.

     /#/ 3264

    what about me euron*gg*r?

     /#/ 3265


     /#/ 3266

    Please don't m8. I don't want to offend anyone

    1567335306561.jpg  (1,97 MB, 3024x4032) ImgOps

     /#/ 3259Responder

    Hash, cocaine, marijuana?

    Seriously, someone pass a law or something making this illegal. Or maybe make it your national anthem?

    Eu gostei muito viajar aqui em Lisboa, mais alguém deve fazer algo com essa plaga da “drogas” né?

    Also, your food is overrated

     /#/ 3260

    1567374954376.jpg  (69,7 KB, 1024x768) ImgOps

    >your food is overrated

     /#/ 3261

    >copying stuff from reddit

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