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    Hello, my name is Carlos Jesus Vitorino Garcia, and I am a Venezuelan son of a Portuguese, but my father abandoned me and my mother, I feel sad about that, I have an ethnic complex, I do not know if I am Spanish, Portuguese, indigenous or Negro, what ethnicity do I belong to?
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    now I don't need it anymore.

    Why is facebook so harsh on not very real accounts, anyway. Everybody knows social media is for stalking eachother.

     /#/ 4494

    very sexy, your mom.

     /#/ 4495

    As if the Brazilians weren't enough now we also have Venezuelans.

     /#/ 4517

    I know how It feels

     /#/ 4518

    guay que globos fenomenales

    1603841030285.jpg  (647,86 KB, 993x1200) ImgOps

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    i want to fuck
    and anime
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    2D girls should NOT be sexualized! You have 3D for that, have some respect

     /#/ 4512

    B-but 3d girls dont attrac me the way as 2d girls.

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    1603899663250.jpg  (325,7 KB, 1200x1600) ImgOps

    i want to fuck bois
    anime bois

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    1603914301138.jpg  (87,86 KB, 768x768) ImgOps

    and drink alcohol

     /#/ 4515

    That's why you should treat them with respect and dignity. 3D is for fucking, 2D is for loving
    don't tell me you can't fuck a real girl, anon

    1561524389462.jpg  (97,27 KB, 599x600) ImgOps

     /#/ 2278Responder50 🔥

    >qts like this will literally go extinct if poortugueses don't have sex
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    1600988273247.jpg  (286,88 KB, 1080x1350) ImgOps

    Tired, worn out. What has happened to our Inês. Has she turned 30 so soon? How short the life of a flower and how cruel the unbreakable wall. RIP Inês, I hope you found a good man in your youth to hold you until the end. I wish it had been me.
    This thread may now find rest as well.

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    she is looking the same way she always did what are you on about

     /#/ 4445

    Nice quads but no, she now looks 10 years older.

     /#/ 4504

    Is she anorexic?

     /#/ 4505

    Inês is just trying to feat her Hallowen carater, shes playing the homonym queen.

    1595130424149.png  (132,52 KB, 450x454) ImgOps

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    What goes on here?
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     /#/ 4459

    same for the rest of the region

     /#/ 4463

    y pensar que mi chan estaba lolmuerto :^)

     /#/ 4464

    We also got black jews here.

     /#/ 4502

    1603341579160.jpg  (35,92 KB, 280x454) ImgOps

     /#/ 4503

    Those are the real ones.

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    1586199296615-1.jpg  (187,77 KB, 719x1024) ImgOps

    1586199296615-2.png  (672,72 KB, 1073x808) ImgOps

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    The only thing that motivates me to live is the hope that one day I will still have an orgy with Ferenc, Sayuri Mattar and Dyh Murder.

    I swear to god: on the day that happens, you will have news in your country’s newspapers of the appearance of the first pregnant man in human history. And I will be the father.
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     /#/ 4473

    lmao 6 months ago retards still losing their shit

     /#/ 4474

    1602871223614.jpg  (53,13 KB, 1016x568) ImgOps

    I like finland. Good memes. And metal too.

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    Have you ever thought about how this dudes who are transgalls thing objectifies women so much? These dudes think they want to be girls so they put makeup on, put on a skirt and buy a designer purse, then when they have a bit more cash they go to the doctor make a few cuts to put breasts and take the dick off. In short, they are saying that being a woman is having a body, is being a shell. And society supports this shit! Not cool at all, such lack of essence. Women struggled so much to free themselves out of the chains with whitch society shackled them for thousands of years and now that they thought they were finally becoming free and recognized as human beings some faggots show up and say
    >I'm gonna take a selfie with my mums clothes and YOU better call me WOMAN
    It must be soo fucked, irmãos

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     /#/ 4498

    I don't really care

    1603012206927.jpeg  (826,4 KB, 2267x3054) ImgOps

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     /#/ 4492

    We were vikings and shit

     /#/ 4493

    Send pls.

     /#/ 4496

    As a true born from northern portugal I can proudly claim

     /#/ 4497

    1603041282743.jpg  (65,08 KB, 677x419) ImgOps


    begone THUGA

    1588206896467.png  (83,6 KB, 600x273) ImgOps

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    Let's play some Minecraft on our /int/ server:
    hub.dev-urandom.eu:25565 (version: 1.15.2)

    Wiki with more information: http://dev-urandom.eu/
    Overview map: map.dev-urandom.eu
    IRC: irc.dev-urandom.eu - channels: #chat (ingame chat), #int
    Pirate-friendly client: https://tlauncher.org/en/

    Basic commands:
    /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn.
    /home - Teleports you to your home (set with /sethome or by sleeping in a bed like a fag).
    /lb tb - Provides a melonblock that can show block changes.

    Don't grief and don't be an asshole (obviously). Basically, you can build anywhere, although there are some limitations. There is enough space for everyone! Don't get discouraged by the autism of the server, things will get easier for you later. Also, mods, admins and other players may help you.

    Join us now and share your autism, you'll be free, players, you'll be free!

     /#/ 3849


    Nah, im fine.

     /#/ 3850

    Do we get Portuguese land?

     /#/ 4422

    This also has a thread in 55chan. There is a brazillian clan and some playing

     /#/ 4453

    That's spain

    1601262971818.png  (1 MB, 4592x3196) ImgOps

     /#/ 4443Responder

    why is everyone who's interested in these countries or their languages a ftm tranny?

     /#/ 4446


    1599702161467.png  (234,89 KB, 500x649) ImgOps

     /#/ 4396Responder

    >be poortugal
    >invade only 3 places on earth and kill the natives/rape them
    >build shitty churches and favelas
    >try to race with spain and britan for who can own the much land
    >get stuck with macacoland and 2 shitholes in asia
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     /#/ 4407

    >invade only 3 places on earth and kill the natives/rape them
    Damn, it looks like the Black Legend also affected the portuguese.

     /#/ 4408

    >be ching chong
    >can't even count to 3
    >live like an ape in the jungle
    >Portuguese demi-gods come by
    >teach it to talk, count and write
    >"muhh gold that we didn't even know existed"
    Yes, we commited a big mistake.

     /#/ 4409

    >Be JewSA
    >Make own country macocoland

     /#/ 4421

    >be americaAAA
    >destroy everything that touches

    1600206460817.jpg  (60,72 KB, 720x501) ImgOps

     /#/ 4412Responder

    A diferencia de lo que dicen los perejilmemenistas, poner un militar zambo en el poder obviamente no es lo que necesitamos y solo nos llevara a la miseria mas de lo que estamos, yo siempre he sido minarquista libertario y he defendido que un estado pequeño crea mejores sociedades sin la pobreza que genera el estado con su intervención y sus políticas, y tampoco con la perpetuación de la pobreza generada por los subsidios y la ayuda del estado que hace que la gente se mantenga en pobreza. Pero últimamente me e vuelto Ancap y he visto a estos individuos denominados como malandros con un ojo mas humano y he llegado a la conclusión de que no son tan malos y que las zonas controladas por ellos viven mas prosperamente que el resto de Venezuela gracias a la relativa libertad individual y estado inexistente que hay en esas zonas, por eso he llegado a la conclusión de que el coqui es mas basado que cualquier político venezolano y sera quién verdaderamente salve Venezuela, ademas de eso reparte comida y medicinas que gran parte del pueblo venezolano necesita desmintiendo a los zurdos y a los mamadores de guevo de zambo militar que hablan mal del sistema Anarcocapitalista.

     /#/ 4413

    1600207602610.jpg  (9,98 KB, 225x225) ImgOps

     /#/ 4414

    is it true that there are underage girls prostituting themselves for 1 doller?

     /#/ 4420

    incluso si un violador hace el bien alimentando a un mendigo, todavía merece morir

    1599353502298.jpg  (60,46 KB, 720x609) ImgOps

     /#/ 4382Responder

    I can't stand poortuguese """people""", just the sound of their voices they also have no sense of humor makes me want to puke fuck fuck fuck obnoxious cunts hope some seaquake wipe them all again for good
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     /#/ 4400

    I don't even know you but I don't like you beforehand, fucking bacalhau eaters get on my nerves I wish those stupid jokes about your kind were just jokes

     /#/ 4403

    our best joke so far is still brazil

     /#/ 4415

    Macaco go back to the zoo please!

     /#/ 4416

    a fucking leaf

     /#/ 4417

    1600297318277.jpg  (36,33 KB, 345x345) ImgOps


    1599060535201.png  (780,98 KB, 660x703) ImgOps

     /#/ 4359Responder

    In my country there is problem,
    And that problem is the jew.
    They take everybody money,
    They never give it back.
    Throw the jew down the well,
    So my country can be free!
    You must grub him by his horns,
    Then we have a big party.
    If you see the jew coming,
    You must be careful of his teeth.
    You must grab him by his money,
    And I tell you what to do.
    Throw the jew down the well,
    So my country can be free!
    You must grub him by his horns,
    Then we have a big party.
    Throw the jew down the well,
    So my country can be free!
    You must grub him by his horns,
    Then we have a big party.
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     /#/ 4374


     /#/ 4375


     /#/ 4410

    A jew wrote this.

     /#/ 4411

    1600189712875.jpg  (66,55 KB, 1062x1062) ImgOps

    >Get back in my stjew dogo!

    1598253344443.gif  (118,99 KB, 500x375) ImgOps

     /#/ 4284Responder

    alguem tem volafile brasil?(/int/ is an international board, please avoid lusoposting)
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     /#/ 4376

    Montevideo>Buenos Aires
    Peñarol>Boca Juniors
    Nacional>River Plate
    Deal with it, boludo

     /#/ 4379

    I love my Brazilian brothers

     /#/ 4380

    1599339294701.png  (166,04 KB, 400x320) ImgOps

    we love you too

     /#/ 4381


     /#/ 4405

    1599887544645.gif  (721,28 KB, 346x200) ImgOps

    No te vayas con los brazucas yorugua, volvé que no te fajamos más...

    1598383715136-0.jpg  (96,76 KB, 1080x810) ImgOps

    1598383715136-1.jpg  (249,78 KB, 1080x1080) ImgOps

     /#/ 4298Responder

    Come with us if you want to live.
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     /#/ 4385

    1599389475117.jpg  (33,09 KB, 720x720) ImgOps

    marry me, Greta

     /#/ 4386

    Onde está o gato?

     /#/ 4387

    In her pants.

     /#/ 4388

    1599402941832.gif  (221,54 KB, 500x692) ImgOps

    Poor critter must be sufocating trying to escape.

     /#/ 4389

    1599403805240.png  (194,09 KB, 378x352) ImgOps

    It is trying to escape de suffocating global warming.

    1598122853561.jpeg  (39,23 KB, 220x168) ImgOps

     /#/ 4269Responder

    Peruvian child hood fag here. I grew up with MTV LA in the '90s, which showed Spanish and English music videos. Did MTV Brasil play any Spanish music videos? We never got any in Portuguese for MTV LA other than Brasilian bands that sung in English like Sepultura.
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     /#/ 4277

    >respond you
    Sorry for my bad english come to Brazil, mané.

     /#/ 4278

    hello this is ptchan we are from portugal if you want to ask brasil questions you came to the right place as 36% of portuguese population is actually brasilian xoxo boom

     /#/ 4319

     /#/ 4355

    These are great

     /#/ 4361


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